Tiling window managers talk

I just finished the english translation of the speaker notes for my talk about tiling window managers I gave at the C-Base for the Ubuntu Berlin user group last thursday. Here are the original notes in german and here’s the english translation.
As for my last few talks, I took my notes down with org-mode, and I’m deeply impressed with how easy it is to get a gook-looking HTML page out of it. And the javascript-interface just rocks!
For those who couldn’t attend I will update my notes with some screenshots of the window managers I presented when I find the time do so, so watch this space for updates.


  1. One comment on stumpwm: it does support enough of the EWMH standard to be used with gnome-panel, and its groups work with Gnome workspaces. I use it with a full Gnome environment minus Nautilus, and everything works fine.

  2. Thank you for sharing these notes. Even 4 years later this is a good start for answering the question “which tiling window managers should I try and what are they like?”

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